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Just a quick note to say thanks for everything. The chalets were clean and well serviced every day, so all good - and we managed to catch some fish...



Lake Cahora Bassa

Moringa Bay Lodge is situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Cahora Bassa. The history of the Lake dates back to 1960 when the task of creating a dam wall began for the purpose of providing power to Mozambique and South Africa. As a result, Cahora Bassa is now the largest hydroelectric dam in Africa as well as the 4th largest artificial lake in Africa, after Lake Volta (Ghana) and Lake Nasser (Egypt) and Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. Only those three surpass it in surface area with Cahora Bassa covering 2,739km2 . The Lake is 292km long and has a maximum width and depth of 38km and 157m respectively. The electricity generated is mainly fed to South Africa and the dam is operated by Hidroelectrica De Cahora Bassa (HCB) which has offices as well as housing in the nearby dedicated HCB town, Songo.

Fourteen years after construction began, in 1974, the dam began to fill. The Lake is now rampant with bays lush with vegetation and rapidly growing birdlife. Quiet fishing spots can be found to team with different species, most commonly Tiger, Bream, Chessa, Vundu, Barble (Cat fish), Cornish Jack and Nkupe. But, before fishermen found the Lake a haven for fishing experiences, it was discovered as a haven for Kapenta (white bait) and rapidly grew in to a major Kapenta trading area with buyers from the Congo, Zambia and Zimbabwe travelling to seek the high quality, high in protein, foodstuff. Tiger fish appear to thrive on the Kapenta and can grow to very respectable sizes for which enthusiastic fishermen travel from far and wide to experience that incredible catch.

With time, wild life has started to re-appear on the shores and Elephants, Kudu and Impala are currently the most frequently seen animals. Wild life will be more prevalent in the future with Moringa Bay Lodge introducing small game on the premises. Crocodiles and Hippopotamus remain frequent sights from boat rides in the quieter areas of the Lake.

Moringa Bay Lodge is based on a peninsula of this great Lake and you can experience the calm, serene environment amongst the sing-song of birds and the spectacular sunset while you look at the gorge and feel the humming experience of all it took to create this paradise.








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